Malia McGinley

I moved to Santa Barbara from Seattle in 2009 to follow the beautiful weather.  Since the sun is so much stronger here than Washington, I started to realize the harsh realities of over exposure to UV rays.  With skin cancer running in my family and several of my friends being affected,  I wanted to offer a healthy alternative to get that sun-kissed look everyone loves!
I am a certified airbrush artist and only use the best equipment and products out there.  I require minimal space and bring a tanning tent and towels to keep your home clean, while providing a comfortable experience with my heated tanning machine!  My solution is by Lavish Tan out of Los Angeles, and is Organic, Paraben and chemical free!  It's a brown-sugar base that is derived from apples; the oxidation process between the solution and your skin works just as an apple would brown in a short amount of time, meaning you always get a golden brown tan, never orange!  I gaurantee results that last anywhere from 7-12 days, not to mention it smells amazing!  
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